Trailer by David Gamble and Jonathan Freilich

“Improvisation is making it up as you go along, like taking a long stroll with no destination in mind and walking down random streets for the fun of it. Esplanade was such a street.”


Sunday, November 10, 2019 3PM FREE. Tickets not necessary


New Orleans is full of incredibly gifted drummers, bassists and pianists, it would be impossible to pick one three-piece rhythm section and call it ‘the best.’ But when you’re talking about drummer Stanton Moore, bassist James Singleton and pianist David Torkanowsky, you could make a pretty good case that these guys rule the roost.


Sunday, November 3 , 2019 THE NEW ORLEANS MUSEUM OF ART 3:00PM FREE, Pre-registration strongly encouraged

ESPLANADE is a 2019 narrative film created by photographer/ cinematographer David Gamble and musician/composer Jonathan Freilich. Shot in black-and-white, it is a meditative journey down Esplanade Avenue, an important 18th-century portage route in New Orleans, Louisiana, running northwest from the Mississippi River to the entrance to City Park. Q&A following with Gianna Chachere.

ARTISTS’ STATEMENT: Convention persists that sound and image conform to the other with a decision made beforehand as to which is primary. This tends to preclude the possibility of conceiving the whole sound/picture field as one unified art object at conception. The difficulties are clear since there is usually a separate technical skill in the rendering of each form; picture producer and sound producer.

In this project we are moving in the direction of two fields collaborating to create a unity from the outset - through flexible dialogue along the way - in which the audio and the visual are transformed by each other. The collaborative process replaces the obvious morphing and non-linear editing systems prevalent in the digital technologies in contemporary production.

The image and sound comes directly from New Orleans, but in the way the subject is treated, the familiarity is revealed to have many normally unobserved scenes and organic abstractions. The citizens’ naturalness going about their daily lives is exposed in a disjointed harmony with the monolithic points of interest along the street and mundane urbanity is seen freshly even by those familiar with the geography.

Drummer Stanton Moore is one of the busiest drummers in New Orleans. Likewise for the other members of his trio, David Torkanowsky (piano) and James Singleton (bass). These three guys are among the most sought-after musicians in a city brimming with great players.